How to update a custom field when an Approval on a different project is updated?

Hi Asana fam! Can anyone help with this?

I have two projects: an internal project and a client project. When the deliverable is ready for client review, a custom field triggers a new approval on the client project. I need a way for a custom field in the main task on the internal project to get updated when the approval is approved.

Here a diagram trying to explain, where I’m having issues is with triggering the red arrows.

Long story short: a task can’t be impacted by something happening to subtasks or blocked tasks EXCEPT in 2 cases:

  • using the trigger “all subtasks have been completed”
  • using the trigger “task is no longer blocked”

So in your case, the second scenario would kinda work if your approval is blocking the main task BUT the rule doesn’t make a difference between approved or rejected and triggers anyway.

So there is no perfect solution to your need.

My own opinion:

  • make sure people have “task no longer blocked > move to top section” in My Tasks
  • block your task with the approval
  • when notified, look at blocked task and see if it was approved or rejected…

Thanks! will try it and see if works with the team :slight_smile: