How to undo "Close and Merge"

I accidentally merged a duplicate task into the wrong target task. How can I undo this?

Hey @Katriel_Friedman

Regarding your question to undo the “close and merge”.
If you go into the task you merged the duplicate one into (the one which is left) you see some kind of activity history at the bottom of that task. There is will show the action that you merged the duplicate into this task. If you click on the duplicate’s task name there you’ll jump to the duplicate task. There you click the three dots and go to the extended actions option (the one with the arrow there) and there you’ll see the option to undo the merging.
I’ll attach a PDF with a step by step guide.

Hey again

as promised, here is the step by step guide.
Step 1: Activity%20log

Step 2

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Thanks for sharing @Joshua_Froehlich and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile: