How to undelete tasks

I have the free version right now as I am experimenting to see if Asana will do what we want it to do.

What I was testing was duplicating a project for a group of tasks that is done periodically. So to test how it would be used I created a project, completed the tasks and then went and duplicated to project to mimic how it would work say 2-3 months later. It didn’t bring the tasks across.

Now I can’t find the tasks anywhere.

We were using this as a genuine test for our business so actually need these tasks and I had spent several hours setting them all up with links to our procedures. I am really pissed off to have lost that time now the tasks have disappeared and it looks like I am going to have to redo everything…its pretty much told me that Asana is not for us, but I’d like to give you a chance to prove us wrong by telling me how I can get these tasks back.

Note that for some reason it they are not listed in my deleted tasks.

@Claire_Wilson, On the top right click either Incomplete Tasks or click the Change view icon (Asana is rolling out a change so you might see either) and set to All tasks in order to see both completed and incomplete tasks.

It sounds like you’re just not seeing the completed tasks, though they’re still there.

If you never actually deleted the tasks, then there’s no need to undelete them as you mention, and that explains why they are not listed in deleted tasks.

Hope that helps,



Hi @Claire_Wilson and welcome!

Larry is correct, sounds like you just need to change your view from “Incomplete tasks” to “All tasks” to see the tasks you’ve marked complete.

What I would recommend is create a project which will serve as a template and that you can duplicate anytime you need to action these tasks; this way every duplicate will automatically show your tasks incomplete :slight_smile: If you ever move to one of our Premium/Business/Enterprise you will be able to leverage our template feature!