How to unassign a task auto created from mail


When forwarding a mail from gmail to Asana in order to create a task, the task is automatically assign to the user that the mail was forwarded from. What is the way to create the task as unassigned?


Hi @Naama, just to confirm, are you using the Asana add-on for Gmail or are you referring to the email task to Asana feature?


Sorry for not being clear,
Im using the email task to Asana feature


No worries at all, and thank you so much for the additional info!

If you don’t want tasks created by email to have an assignee, just make sure to only have "" in your “To” field. If you add another address to this field, it will automatically make this person the assignee of the task.

You can learn more about this in the following article:

Hope this helps @Naama; please let me know if you ahve any follow-up questions!


The problem Im facing is that the assignee is the forwarder mail, and I would like to create the task with no assignee.
I will quote from the article:
‘Now, every time forwarder@ receives an email, it will be forwarded to the Asana project and assigned to forwarder (it can easily be unassigned).’

and my question is regarding the- it can easily be unassigned
How can it be done, not manually for each mail? :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick follow-up @Naama; you’re correct when using a forwarder@ email address to create tasks in Asana the “forwarder@” is automatically added to the task assignee. As it stands there is no option to prevent this behavior before creating the tasks; you can only remove the assignee when the task has been created in Asana.

To save you some time, I’d recommend using the multiselect option; it will allow you to unassign tasks in batches.

Hope this helps!