How to turn off notifications for tasks completed but keep them on for comments?


I’m having a bit of trouble using Asana lately now that we have a lot of tasks going on.

The trouble is I am receiving notifications every time a task is completed, which can be upwards of 50 per day. The result is that I just ignore all notifications, as I don’t truly need to be notified when a task is complete.

That means though that I miss notifications when someone comments on a task to ask a question.

Is there a way I can turn off notifications for individual actions, like a task being completed, but leave them on for things like comments being posted?

I have looked everywhere and could not find the answer. Emailed support and they directed me here.


Hi @Dana_Lindahl - I imagine you’ve already seen these materials on Asana notifications: +

We understand where you’re coming from with this desire for modified notifications. At this time if you’d like to see comments on a task you’ll need to follow task updates. However, as you can see in the pages above it’s possible to follow conversations but not tasks. Thank you for your feedback about a more flexible notification structure! I hope this information is helpful.


LIkewise, the amount of email I get from Asana makes it an ineffective way to interact, because I just ignore all of it. I’d like members of my staff to be able to ignore all but mentions and assignments so that they could receive only the most important notifications. I’ll currently exploring other options because of this…


We agree that there is a need to have finer control over notifications. This control should be very flexible to allow different users to set what notifications they need to see. Right now, our team is using @mention function to specify who should look at specific comments. But then that person is added to all comments on the task and has to unfollow the comments after they’ve responded to a one off comment.