How to turn off Asana's announcements embedded in email notifications?


Since last few days all of our email notifications are actually spammed with the same Asana message " We’re giving this email a makeover! Soon, your task update email will have a whole new look and feel to make content more streamlined and actionable. [Learn more.]"

This is unfortunately insanely bad UX, since now we cannot preview email as there is that message showing up on ALL emails…

Is there any way to turn off all of Asana’s internal messaging, so that none of that gets embedded in our business emails?

If not, can you please change the layout/position of your Announcement, so that it’s always on bottom or even better shows up only once per user?

Thank you!


Hi @Nikola_Turajlic and so sorry for the trouble here!

Could you please share a screenshot of what you’re seeing so I can escalate this issue?

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi @Marie,
Just come here looking for a way to turn this message off too.
I’ve attached a screenshot of how the emails look in outlook

The effect is similar in gmail as well.
Would be great if we could acknowledge and remove this “makeover” message somehow.


We are having the same issue. As of this morning, all of our Asana ticket email notifications show up as “We’re giving this email a makeover!” in Gmail list views, new mail notifications, etc.

The Asana emails are already frustrating enough to work with due to the way that they don’t thread/nest nicely in email clients, so my team has relied on the “preheader” (the information displayed in the list view for emails) to stay productive. Now, that preheader just has a notification that the email is getting a makeover.

Any way to disable this notification, or make it an image or otherwise hide it from the preheader text, or just move it to the bottom of the email notification would be great.

(is it just me, or does it feel like the Asana team doesn’t actually use the email notifications? they seem so frustrating to use on a day-to-day basis, combined with changes like this, almost makes it feel like email is not a popular use case in the Asana office)

Thanks for the screenshot @Joe_Beales and sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve just reached out to our PM and will update this thread as soon as I hear back from them!

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Thank you @Marie - i am getting feedback from my users they are not loving this message for all of the same reasons as mentioned above. Looking forward to this being turned off or removed.

Thank so much!

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Thanks for your patience here. Our PM just confirmed these notifications will be disabled in the next couple of hours. Again so sorry for the inconvenience and thank you so much for taking the time to report this issue. Marking this resolved for the time being, but feel free to ping this thread if you continue to experience the same issue tomorrow morning.

Have all a great Monday!


excellent, thank you!

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