How to track Assignee's performance using Fee in a task


I am new to Asana and would like to use it as a tool to track my employees’ performance.

I own a tailoring boutique mainly working for fashion designer customers and I am thinking of using a task as an order and assign a tailor to stitch a dress (order).

Here are my questions:

  1. Each task (Order) will have a custom field of “Fee” . Is that possible to make invoices using information on tasks? Sometimes I wanna add multiple orders (tasks) on an invoice too.

  2. Each task will be assigned to a tailor and I would like to track how much they stitch (based on “Fee” in the task ) on daily / monthly/ weekly basis. Is that possible to see these on Dashboard?

Thank you!


  1. you can look at Asana2Go from @lpb to create a custom export including tasks data.
  2. definitely possible with the right charts, either within a project Dashboard or within Universal Reporting (top left corner)

Let me know if that helps, take care!


Thank you so much!!

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