How to Take Over Team Access in Asana

I am trying to remove a user from our Asana instance, however they created their own team in our Asana instance, so I am unable to access Team settings (I am not in their team).

Would I need to ask them to add me to the team before I can make being to remove any users from the team?

Just a bit odd as I created our Asana account/workspace, however a user was able to create his own team in which I did not have access to team settings or access to remove the specific person.

Hi @n00bAsanauser,

If you’re looking to delete a team from your Organisation, you need to join it first depending on the team, you might be able to join it or will need to request access, check out this article from our Guide for more details on team settings. Once you’re a member of the team, you will be able to remove members, add/delete projects or completely delete the Team.

Hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any additional questions!