How to sync my Workspace calendar with my own calendar (iCal, gCal..)



Hey Folks!

The workspace-calender works great for me.
Is there a way to import the whole workspace-calender to my Apple iCal?
For single projects that works already perfect as I have a individual calender-URL for each project but I don’t see that option for the workspace-calender.

Workspace Calendar view?

Hi @Matthias_Brandt :wave:t3: You should also have an individual URL for your Workspace calendar (See screenshot below from my test Workspace)


Hello @Marie!
Thanks for that. But I am looking for a URL to import into my Apple iCal.
For single projects I can do it like that: „Export/Print > Sync to calender“


You should be able to use the URL you’re seeing in your Browser’s URL bar when looking at your calendar. In my example, the URL to sync my Workspace calendar with my iCal would be “

Hope this helps @Matthias_Brandt :slight_smile: