How to stop auto-suggest from trying to add old external users

I invited several external users on a temporary project about a year ago. Once the project concluded, I revoked their access to the project and archived it. Since then, if I try to add anyone as a follower of a project, it will auto-suggest to add them with what appears to be the same or greater weight than many users within my company. Just today, I accidentally added one of those former external users to a task when trying to add someone from my company with the same first name.

In Outlook, for example, I can click “X” next to an auto-populate recommendation for an email recipient if I don’t want it to recommend them again. Is there a function like this in Asana?


Hi there @David_Appel :wave:t4: Thank you for posting this question on the Forum, and sorry to hear about your troubles with this.

I’m wondering if they are still populating because you removed them from a specific Team only and not the overall Organization.

While we don’t have a feature similar to Outlook’s “x” to cancel the auto-populate recommendation our Support Team can certainly help you check to see if these users are still listed in your Organization and provide instructions on how to go about removing them.

Please reach out here: > “I’m having trouble with…” > Scroll down and click on “Let’s talk”