How to sort Today's My Tasks by Due Time without losing "Today" and "Upcoming" sections

Hey Guys.

I have some tasks due today, at specific times. Strangely, Asana is sorting these Today’s Tasks inversely to their due time in its List view:

To me, it makes more sense that tasks that are due first, appear first. Like it does on Calendar view:

I tried using the Sorting option, setting it to Due Date:
But doing this make the “Today” and “Upcoming” sections disappear.

So, any way to order the Today’s tasks, on My Tasks, by due time, without losing the “Today” and “Upcoming” sections?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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@Eric5, Just manually with drag and drop.

@Marie or @Natalia, There’s a thread in the forum on sorting within sections; perhaps this could be moved there?



Yes there is @lpb :slight_smile: @Eric5, if you haven’t yet, I’d recommend adding your vote here: Sections should be maintained when sorting alphabetically within a project!


@Marie, Actually, I meant this post:

And maybe worth merging Sort tasks by Due Date WITHIN Sections into the above one as well.



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Hey guys,

Drag and drop doesn’t work.

I think I found what’s going on. When you add move recently assigned tasks to “Today”, the order in which you move them determines the order they’ll have on the list.

Here’s a video

Is intended or a bug? If intended, what’s its purpose?

Thanks again guys!

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@Eric5, Yes the order of assigning to Today puts them at the bottom, but if your sort is None you should not be prevented from manually dragging. I’ll defer to @Marie on what’s going on (assuming your sort is None).

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Yes @lpb, my sort is “None”.
Thanks again for taking the time :slight_smile:

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Hi @Eric5, I’ve seen that happen if your browser has a drag & drop extension enabled. Do you know if you’ve added something like that? (i.e. drag to open link in new tab?)