How to sort/hide Custom Fields in the task sidepanel?

Hi I have a question,

I noticed some custom fields in the detailed sidepanel can’t be hidden and other custom fields are hidden under “show more custom fields”.

  1. Is there a way to sort custom fields ?
  2. How can I choose certain custom fields to remain not-hidden (so not in “Show more custom fields” in the detailed sidepanel of a task?

When you hit the customize button in the project, you will see your custom fields. You can drag them to the desired postion.


You can change the order of presentation of custom fields with the Show fields (may also be called Hide) menu:

As you hover over a field name, the icon turns into a drag handle.

Note that the toggle applies to whether a toggle shows in list view; the fields will always appear in the task detail pane.

After some number of fields, Asana hides the remaining ones to avoid overwhelming you, for better or worse. This is not configurable except by choosing the order as above.

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