How to set up projects with related tasks and shared calendar


I’m a Realtor and I’m trying to set up Asana to handle multiple listings, with tasks that are related to each other in a shared calendar but they still have the project names on their own. It seems impossible to contact customer service for any reason at all, despite being a “premium” customer? Support seems a bit of a joke at Asana.


Also, the gmail app for Asana doesn’t work. It’s been days since I installed it, and Gmail reports it as installed, but there is NOTHING inside gmail connected to Asana at all.


I have multiple projects, each one being a listing. It has a template that I have created, which gives me the same pipelines for each listing… problem is though, I’d like to see all showing requests for all listings in the same place… but instead now I have a separate showing request task for each listing. I did that so I could track showings on each, but it would be so much more intuitive to be able to see the category of “showings” while at the same time also being able to search and see them separately so that I can easily report to the client how many showings they had on their own individual listing.


Have you tried setting up an Advanced Search using “showing” as a search term?
Search for only Incomplete tasks, and you could also choose only those tasks/showings due in the next X days (perhaps 7 or your choice). Then save that search, and view it in Calendar.

As far as support, have you tried contacting the Support Team? I have always had good results with that. They don’t always have the answer I want to hear, but they have always come back with a clear and pertinent response.


You can add tasks to multiple projects. So a showing could be added to one “listing project” and at the same time to a “calendar project”. Then, you can sort the “calendar project” by your liking.