How to Set Up Asana for Franchise Teams?

Hi everyone! Looking to help a small team of people who are part of a franchise (for example: “ABC Inc.”) set up in Asana.

The main concern is since Asana connects everyone with an “” email to the same organization. Great for all members of this franchise team, but they do not want or need to be connected to other franchise owners (ex: another team in California who operates several franchise locations).

Is there a way to ensure that Asana doesn’t automatically connect people with the same “” company email address (who aren’t part of the same franchise team)?

Is the only solution to utilize personal email addresses? Any insight is appreciated!

@Danielle_Hogan Asana offers divisions for teams just like yourself please visiting this area of the guide to learn more about divisions: Divisions • Asana

As stated in the article, you’ll want to contact sales to get your individual team setup!

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