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Hello! I have meetings in Microsoft Teams from time to time. If I schedule them as separate tasks for specific days, is it possible to highlight these meetings in the calendar with a specific color?
Another question: if someone can help me, I would be very grateful. When I have a meeting with a large number of people, let’s say 15, how can I set up Microsoft Teams to view all participants simultaneously?

Hi! You can create a separate project and record each video meeting as a task. Such tasks will be displayed in the calendar with the same color. Each project has its own color.
In Microsoft Teams, if the number of people exceeds 10, you’ll need to change the screen layout and switch to Shared Gallery or Large Gallery view. Here’s how to do it:
By default, it will be set up where a 3×3 grid is used to display all participants, but this is not suitable for meetings with 10 or more people.

Hi @Jane19 , if you are on a paid plan, you will have access to custom fields within the ‘Customize’ menu, accessible from the upper right area of your project view.

You can create a single-select type custom field with various options could essentially be used to ‘tag’ the type of meeting. Then you can allocate a different color to each of these options. Then in the List view, apply a value of your newly added custom field to each of your tasks.

Then in the Calendar view, it should color your tasks according to your custom field by default, otherwise, you can set a specific custom field (to extract the colors from) by selecting it from the ‘Color’ button in the upper right area of the Calendar view.

:bulb: this does not work for Multi-select type custom fields.

Also, have a look at a similar post by @Arthur_BEGOU , here!

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