how to set project color for everyone?


I’ve successfully duplicated a project and set the color via the API, but how to I set the color for everyone?

Thanks for your help, Steve

Not possible, I’m afraid:

very disappointing. I was expecting the color to be inherited by the duplicated project from the Template (which it did not) and then expected the color to be set for everyone by default (which it did not).

Hi Phil, do you (or anyone else) know if you still can’t set the color for everyone via the API? I struggle to understand how the “Set for Everyone” checkbox in the UI works if it isn’t an API parameter. I see no mention of this flag or support for the new custom project icons in the API documentation though.


Hi @danbrown,

No, sorry, setting the color for everyone is still not supported in the API.

Also the API does not currently have any support for the new custom project icons.

I haven’t heard anything from the API team to indicate those will be added. @Joe_Trollo @Ross_Grambo, anything new to report on either of these items?

Thanks for the reply, Phil. I am always a bit surprised when API compatibility isn’t built at the same time as a new UI feature, but it sounds like that might be the case here. I get that Asana is primarily UI driven so that might account for it. Would really appreciate input from the others you’ve looped in here.