How to set notifications ONLY when a task is assigned to a member



So I am using Teams and then Projects within teams. When I make a project I want to include certain team members so they have access to that Project. But I only want them to get a notification when a Task is assigned to them, not every time something happens in the Projects.

Is this possible? How is this achieved. Thank you!


Hey @Bryan_Bloom!

At this point you are unable to toggle the types of notifications you receive; only if you receive notifications (

If you wish to adjust the notifications your receive in a particular Project, you can do so via your Project notification tab, which you can access by following the instructions available here:

Hope this helps!


Indeed it does… so if I do what you see below, then every time a task is added, #1 will get notified but NOT 2 nor 3?

Also if a task is added to the Project and it is assigned to #2, then they will still get notified of that task?