How to set due dates that aren't certain




I’m new on Asana and am starting to get comfortable with setting due dates for tasks in a project. What I’m having trouble with is that nearly all due dates are unknown. We’re a home improvement company and out of my template workflow of about 40 tasks so far, I can only say with certainty when an initial visit is due. Everything else varies based on many factors. I need to set up a way that when one task is complete, other tasks get sent out. Some task completion will enable one task as ready, and some task completion will enable more than one task as ready. Also, there’s a general order of tasks in the workflow template, but this is rarely how it happens. Any guidance would be appreciated.


Hey @Lou_Buono_Jr; Michael form Asana here :wave:

To be honest, there is no tried and true way to do this. Typically, in list mode, you can arrange Tasks that seem to move in an intuitive flow by dragging and dropping Tasks into an unofficial order, at least until you assign due dates to your Tasks.

Another way of organizing these Tasks could be via our Timeline mode (, where you can drag & drop tasks in this view into a sense of order, as well as draw our dependencies between Tasks. Please note that both our timeline & dependencies features are for folks with premium plans(

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks Michael I’ll look into timeline mode and dependencies