How to set due date to a task created via Email?

when FW an email in order to create a task
How can i set a due date to the task created via Email?

i can assign the task to a team memmber in specific project
but i am looking for the ability to set a due date without log-in into the Asana dashboard

Hi @Yoram and welcome to the forum!

What email system and what operating system do you use? Depending on those criteria, here are some options:

If you’re on Gmail, see the Asana Gmail plug-in.

If you’re using Outlook for your email and you’re on Windows, and it’s part of an Office 365 subscription, then you can consider using the Asana Outlook plug-in.

If you use Outlook on Windows and it’s not Office 365, or you want additional features beyond the Asana plug-in, then check out the great third-party Sendana integration.

If you want the ability to set a due date from an email in any environment including mobile, and you also want to be able to set the assignee, set tags, and/or add the task to additional projects, then see the Hashtag Automation feature of my third-party integration Flowsana (more about that capability in this post).



I will try Sendana

looks like what I was looking for

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Flowsana hashtag feature for the win! :heart_eyes:

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