How to set a task duration for a month

How can I set a task’s duration for a whole month?
We have some tasks that are due within a specific month and I cannot seem to figure out how to set it that was as opposed to setting the task for 1 day.

Hi @Siobhan_Gouws and welcome to the forum!

Asana does not provide a way to set a task’s Due Date to a timeframe other than one specific date.

If you are on any paid Asana plan, I think the closest you can get to what you’re asking for is to set the task’s Start Date and Due Date one month apart. (The Start Date field is only available on paid plans.)

On a paid plan, where custom fields are also available, I suppose another option would be to create a custom text field to hold these “due date” values - you could then type in the month there. But that field won’t have any of the properties of the real task’s Due Date, so I suspect that would not be a great solution.

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