How to set a 'primary' project and colour



I would like to set a primary or main project for a task, so that it keeps the right colour when viewed in Calendar View.

The task ‘Blog 1’ is in project ‘Blogs’ with colour red, and also in project ‘Overview’ with colour grey. In calendar view on the ‘Overview’ project it shows up coloured red. Perfect! I can see a blog is due to go out tomorrow.

I’d like to add ‘Blog 1’ to another project ‘social’ with colour green so that I remember the blog needs sharing on social once done. Back in calendar view it has changed colour to green. Problem! I can’t quickly see the blog post that’s due tomorrow.

Is there a way of setting project ‘Blog’ as task 'Blog 1’s primary or main project so that it stays coloured red (and simply has the other colour squares on it)?



Hi @YOrmsby :wave:t3:

Any task you create will automatically take the color of the first project tag, custom field or tag you’re adding; so if you’d like Blog 1 to show up in red in your calendar, make sure to add it first to your red “Blogs” Project before adding it to your Green “Social” Project.

Hope this helps!



Hi Marie!

Thanks for the tip - however this doesn’t work.

I just did a test, with the red project assigned first - works great - then added the grey project - still stays red, great - then added the green project - changes to green.

There are no tags or custom fields, only the projects at this point.



My mistake, @YOrmsby the task automatically takes the color of the project that was created first so if your task turns green when you add this new project, it’s probably because your “green” project was created before your “red” project.

So sorry for the confusion; please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!



Ah, that makes some sense!
Red was indeed that last project to be created.

Is there any way to change this (changing a created by date perhaps)?
Alternatively would it work if I duplicated the green project (as purple) so that it was newer than the red one, or would it keep the same ‘created by’ date as the original green project?



Yes, duplicating the green project to make it the “newest” should work and probably the best workaround at the moment :slight_smile: