How to Send Status Updates through Asana

When people fill out our Asana request form, can we send them automatic status updates through Asana?

For example, if someone requests brochures and we update the Asana status to “Ready to Start,” is there a way to set up an automatic notification directly to the individual who submitted the form?

Thank you for your support on my first entry in the forum!

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Hi @McKenna_Ferguson , welcome to the forum :wave:

By ‘send status updates’ do you mean a notification in a someone’s Asana Inbox?

i.e. not to be confused with Projects Status updates, right? Or are you hoping to notify them by another means like email or Slack?

And are these forms submitted by people within your Asana organisation OR external users, such as clients that are not on Asana?

I would love to continue this thread. I’m looking for this same resolution. We have external users who complete our Asana forms to give us tasks to complete. Is there a way that I can update them automatically when the status changes, via email preferably?

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