How to see over due tasks

On the My Task screen I only have sections to see the following:

  • Recently Assigned

  • Today

  • Upcoming

  • Later

How do I add a section to see overdue?

This must be some issue as surely seeing overdue tasks is key?!

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Hello @Damian_Soong welcome to the Asana Forum,
I recomend to use rules which will move your overdue tasks to certain section. You can find more information here:


Thanks, will try that, seems odd default behaviour is to hide overdue tasks!

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Hello @Damian_Soong!

Thanks for posting your question. @Charlie_Pilch is absolutely correct in that you can use rules to help move all your overdue tasks into a certain section. One other quick way to view overdue tasks is sorting by due date. In the top right corner of your My Tasks you will see a “Sort:” button and you can click it and then select Due Date. (Photo below)

This will put all of your overdue tasks at the top. Hopefully this helps but if you still aren’t getting what you need please let us know.



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