How to see and search many collaborators of a task

Some tasks have many collaborators like 30-80 people. I want to check if someone is already CCed, and add them only if they are not added yet.
What would be the best way to do that?

Option 1 (not working):

When I try to search the text in the names in this screenshot with browser’s Cmd/Ctrl+F search feature,

the names are collapsed and I can’t search the names anymore:

Option 2 (not working):

If the collaborators are sorted by alphabetically it’d be easy to check, but the collaborators are sorted by when they were added.

Option 3 (working but slow):

Get the task gid from the URL, call this API:{task_gid}?

, and I can search the response text with Cmd/Ctrl+F.

Option 4 (partially working)

Try to add the collaborator anyway.

I can’t know if they are already added or not, except for the toast message (notification) saying “<names> added to the collaborator. Undo?”, which is sometimes displayed.

Option 5

Any other ideas? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Hi @ShunS, this is a great question! Have you tried using the advanced search feature to confirm if someone has been added as collaborator to a specific task? You can copy the task name in the search and add the name of the user in the “Collaborators” field. If you get the task in the results, that means the user is already a task collaborator.

cc @pforumleader and @ambforumleader in case someone has a better way to achieve this! :slight_smile:

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I think @ShunS and @Emily_Roman have covered all the bases, as far as I know.



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I use Option 4, and I always feel a bit silly doing so. It would be very nice to know “Fred Nurk is already a collaborator” when I go to add them :blush:

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