How to search large texts; search in attachments


I need to have large documents (mostly text) searchable as part of tasks.
At first I attached the docs to the tasks - but search does not seem to look inside the attachments.
If this is not true please let me know and let me know how I can set it to search attachments.

Because I could not get the search to work, I copy pasted the text from the document and tried to insert it as a comment. But it is a lot of text and immediately the browser “crashed” and asked me to reload and the comment was gone.

How do I implement searchable large texts within Asana?

Thank you,

Hello @RonB,
I don‘t think this is possible at the moment since there are different files and formats available.
However what I can think of for example is when you use google docs and spreadsheets just search via your google drive to scan through all files if you are looking for a specific text within all sheets and docs.
Would that work?