How to run a report just of My Tasks that are outdated or day-of?

Hi everyone,

Is it possible create a report or with an other function where i will see my Tasks outdated or of the day?
I receive an email everyday with this information. But is it possible directly in Asana?

Thank you for your help



You can sort your My Tasks list by due date, click on the icon on the top right corner of the list, and click on sort.

I know this possibility but i must make 3 click to obtain the view that i want.
If i can make a report and that it produce directly the data, it will be better

You can create a custom search with task assigned to you and play with the Due Date filters. Does it work for you?


Perfect! Thank you very much @Bastien_Siebman.
This solution repsond to my question.
I didn’t think to this option!