How to report and notify on tasks exceeding SLA in a section.

Hey folks,

Maybe y’all have some pointers.

I need to create a report of tasks by assignee that have exceeded the number of hours SLA. For example, report any task (with the task assignee) in “New Requests” section where the task age is >= 14 days old.

I tried to create a chart in the dashboard tab, but I’m having trouble with the task age.

A couple of extra requirements:

  1. send a notification to the assignee and project manager.
  2. access to the report needs to be limited to the project managers.

Is this something that would require some custom code?



Asana definitely doesn’t have a feature to notify if a task has been in a section for too long. You can notify if it is overdue by X days though.

A report can be done on time to complete or time spent with a custom field value on, see image. Does it help?