How to remove tasks from a project converted to a template

We customized one of our projects to be a template going forward. Unfortunately, we cannot figure out how to make the tasks of the old project go away… If I delete the project then the template is gone, if we archive the project then the tasks are still active and asana continues to tell users they have overdue tasks. It doesn’t make sense that in converting a project to a template that one cannot get rid of the generic project (and associated tasks) so it can become only a template for future use. Please help, super frustrated…

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It sounds like you have tasks that were completed from before the project got converted to a template. Is this correct? If so, you can open your template and filter to view all of the completed tasks and delete (Tab + Backspace) those so they won’t be pulled into any of the new projects created from the template.

If you would like a record of all of the old tasks I would duplicate the template/project, archive one so there is a record, then modify the template by removing/deleting the tasks that are not needed in the template. Let me know if you have any additional questions.



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Sorry for the trouble here and Thank you @Katie_Reynolds for jumping in!
What you are saying is correct. When converting a Project into a Template, everything you have set up in that original project will remain in the Template, including the assignees, reason why these tasks appears in your colleague’s My Task.
There is a popular thread regarding this issue in the #productfeedback category. I would suggest you to have a look at some workaround provided in the thread:

You might find them helpful! I would also suggest to add your vote in case you haven’t yet.

I’m aware this isn’t the best solution but hopefully it could be helpful in the meantime. Please, let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

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Thanks Natalia!

That really sucks, seems like they would have fixed this by now… I voted and hope they fix this sometime in the near-term.