How to remove Asana's Sync with Outlook?

I synced Asana to my Outlook account, but no longer require it. I have tried to follow the online help instruction to right-click the project and remove, but I am not given that option when I right-click. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but I really need help!

If you go to your avatar -> Profile Settings -> Apps you can Deauthorize Outlook and the sync won’t happen anymore.

Unfortunately Outlook doesn’t show in ‘apps’ in my avatar :frowning:

Any other thoughs?

Thanks again.


Sorry no idea :frowning: maybe @Julien_RENAUD knows? (he is my go-to guys these days :p)

Thank anyway for your help.


ping @Maggie_Reddi who is also a specialist :wink:

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Thanks again. Really sorry, but I am very new to this - will they automatically receive your post, or do I have to contact them? If so, how do I do that?


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Hi @Tony_Rapacioli! Looks my colleague @Christina_Haas just emailed you to help you fix this issue! :slight_smile: Will you keep us posted when this gets solved?

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Thanks for the mention. Fortunately Marie answered, I am only using Gmail ; -)

My pleasure. Thanks for coming back to me.


@Tony_Rapacioli make sure to post the solution here!

Unfortunately, whilst the Asana tasks are no longer being copied to my Outlook account, they are now copying an iCal account that I don’t use. Not that it’s a major issue, but iCal does does keep notifying me every time I add tasks in Asana, so it would be preferable to find a fix.

Hi @Tony_Rapacioli. Have you tried to follow these steps to remove the synced projects from your Apple calendar? Let me know if that helps!

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Please post the answer. I’m looking to remove Asana’s outlook plugin from my MacOS outlook client.

Ha! less than meets the eye. You can follow Microsoft’s instructions for removing add-ins from Outlook 2016 MacOS. They are here.

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So… I’m on Outlook for Mac - How do I remove the calendar sync?


Hi @Grace_Gardner and welcome to the Forum!

This article from the Microsoft help center might help :slight_smile:

Hi Marie, when I synced the calendar to my iCal, I synced it to an existing calendar so it doesn’t appear as it’s own calendar that I can “unsubscribe” to… How can I remove it?

Hi @Cristi_Jayo,

have you tried this steps? (Refer to the " To remove a synced project from Outlook Calendar:" Section)

My calendar is iCal, not Outlook. I don’t see any of those options. My calendar isn’t appearing as it’s own item, but rather it exists within an existing calendar.

I just went in and deleted every item by hand… I’m going to submit some feature requests for this, thanks.