How to reduce the delay of disable blue circle for new item at Inbox?2

As I guess, when the new item comes, the ‘blue circle’ appears on the right corner of each updated item, and it disabled when I stayed for 3 seconds.

I want to reduce time delay to 0. (from 3 seconds to 0)

It’s a really important feature for me.

For now, I have a lot of blue circle remained on my inbox
3 seconds is too long.
Please let me know how I can do this :slight_smile:

I believe you can’t. Can you explain why you need this? Why not archiving anything you’ve read?

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There are many tasks in my inbox from the important one to meaningless one like ‘workflow works’.
And my favorite filter is ‘unread only’ filter.
It shows me the tasks list that I have not handled.
Due to the delay of disable the blue circle is 3 seconds, there are many meaningless tasks remained when I use the filter os ‘unread only’.

to enhance your understand

many people set their option of ‘Mark mail as read’ is ‘When selection changes’, not ‘When viewed in the reading pane for these seconds : 3’.

I hope this feature provided…

Thank you!

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