How to rank tasks in My Tasks view

I want to rank my tasks in the My Tasks view. One possibility would be to assign priority to tasks, and rank tasks according to priorities. Is there a way to do it? Thanks.

@Shengyou_Zeng - welcome to the forum! Great to have you.

Could you clarify what you mean by rank the tasks?

  1. You can click to the left of the task and drag a task or group of tasks (if you multiselect) up or down.
  2. You can create sections to group your tasks by urgency or importance. You can also, as you mentioned, use custom fields to assign priority.
  3. You can sort.
  4. And, if none of those work, you can create a custom field using text as the entry method and put a ranking in manually for each task.

Anyway, I’ll try and simplify my answer once I hear from you a little more clearly on what you mean by “ranking” and what you are trying to accomplish.

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Thank you, Bryan. I attached a png to explain what I am looking for. Thanks for your help.

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Hi @Shengyou_Zeng and @Bry_ProjectKickstart :wave:t3:

I was thinking of adding a custom field to set the priority, but custom fields can only be added to Projects, not to My Tasks, so that would require to add a custom field on each of your projects…
Another solution would be to create custom sections in your My Tasks, for example under “Today” you could create 3 new sections (P0, P1, P2) to organize your tasks for Today base on priorities! The example given in this post is a good illustration of how you can leverage sections to organize your My Tasks! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Marie. I added ‘Priority’ as a custom to one of my projects, but it doesn’t show up in the My Tasks view available as a choice for sorting. Is there a process to make a custom field appear in My Tasks as a choice for sorting?

My apologies @Shengyou_Zeng, the custom field will be visible on the task details, but can’t be displayed on the task list in your My Tasks… You can add your vote to this thread to support custom fields in the My Tasks view!

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