How to Print all task cards for a Big Room Planning session?


I need to print all the tasks on a board so I can cut them into individual tasks to priorities with a workshop. How do you print all the cards in a project board?



Export CSV and format from there.

Or, grab cards as images via Snipping Tool or similar.



@GR_Verner, Using Asana2Go (disclosure: I’m the creator) might save you some time. You could get output like (three tasks from the Asana-provided Product Marketing Launch template are shown):

(If those exact fields/display isn’t what you’re looking for you could customize it, but that takes some HTML/CSS knowledge. The output above, though, comes out of the box.)

Because you’re using a board project and Asana2Go works with lists, you’d need to either search for all tasks in the project so you could select in the search results list, or multi-home to a (temporary) list project so you could select there.

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