How to prevent unconscious mates from modifying TAGs

Hi - this is my first time posting and I am not sure this is the right place, so apologies if not!
I am new to Asana and love it. Recently I successfully convincing the entire company (a team of 20 people) to use Asana. But it was decided to first have a go on the “free” version and just then decide if we need to upgrade or not (since we would have to pay the monthly fee for whole 20 people) . Facing this facts, I’m worried about someone unaware or inattentive:

  1. Changing or deleting TAGs, which causes a mess on all the projects.
  2. Creating non-standard TAGs, or not, by attaching the TAGs projects and increasing confusion.

This has already happened once in my team, and ends up causing discouragement of the use of Asana, right at the beginning of it’s use. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this problem?

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You can’t, unless maybe you use a Comment-only project, but then people would not be able to do much =) @Marie or anyone else, can you confirm what a Comment-only project does?

You would have to clean up regularly using a tool like mine

You would have to watch a lot at the beginning to enforce good practice. @Julien_RENAUD you did deploy to hundreds of employees, any suggestion?

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman,

You can learn more about User permission and what users can or can’t do when they’re set to comment only here; :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Marie! Can comment = no update possible on tags :muscle:

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman and @Luisa_Pieper, my advice for deploying Asana is to set up some conventions obviously, but not too much … If your colleagues did not use tool equivalent to Asana before, then the change is important, and imposing too many rules it will stop them. A small training to start can also be useful to all, with only the basics at first. At first I think we need to let them discover, adapt to the tool, and maybe some will even have ideas for use that you have not thought of yet.

For information, in Premium version, you can have access to custom fields which are also very useful instead of tags.

I gave some advices on onboarding in the following posts, maybe some points could also be useful for you :


Thank u guys! great tips!! <3

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