How to prevent other from changing Timeline?

Hello, is there a way how to prevent others from adjusting the dates (position of blocks) on Timeline? I need the project to be public for the team to share the Timeline.

I have tried to make limit project members activity to “Comment only” but it doesn’t work (logically, it was just an attempt) and it doesn’t work for if the project is public to a Team.

Is there any solution (except making it private)?
Thanks for ideas.

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Hey @honzapav, thanks for this great question!

I have tested this on my end and was able to resolve this issue by making the Project Comment Only.

My colleague who I invited to the Team and the Project was not able to edit the Tasks Due Dates and time ranges on the Projects Timeline View. I also assigned a Task in the Project to them which did not allow them to change the Tasks on the Timeline either.

If this is an existing Project that you are looking to change to Comment Only I would recommend making sure that all Members access has been changed to “Can Comment”:

I hope this helps, please do let me know if your issue is ongoing!


This is the right way to do that.

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Thanks for the answer - that makes sense. My situation is slightly different - the Project is public to Team and there are no Project Members. In my opinion, the “Comment Only” works only with Project Members but not for Team Members - is this correct?

If so, I guess I need to change the Project to “Private to Members” and invite all the Team Members (while setting u the Project as “Comment Only”.

I understand what you mean, thanks for providing me with more details!

We have also tried this on our end and in a Project that is public to the Team but has no Members my colleague was still not able to adjust the date ranges of any Tasks. This should also work for you as long as the Project is set to Comment Only. Could you please try this and let me know if it works on your end also?

Cool, I wil check it as soon as I have the chance. Thanks for help!