How to pass the results of a 'GET' command to a define a new variable?

Hello all,

I am very new to the world of scripting and development with the API, but am trying to create a solution where an excel file will be monitored, and changes to a specific column will result in the update of an associated asana task.

The baby steps i am taking will have me get the GID of a task by searching for the task name (this will be consistent with data in the excel spreadhseet), then using this GID to enable that task to be updated with the value inherited from the excel.

Can anyone help me understand how I can define variables using the results of a previous GET command?

I am using Postman to help me test.

Postman is the tool used to generate a request to a server, it is not (unless it us new) a scripting tool. So you don’t have any variable or functions. You would have to use Php, or Java, or Python, or node, or Javascript… Do those ring a bell?

@Jon_Hasell, You might be able to use to accomplish what you describe. Zapier lets you write (or reusing another’s) recipe rather than programming in a language.


Thank you @Bastien_Siebman. Yes, I have been starting the journey of learning Javascript, any recommendations for a good bit of software to use when developing / testing a solution?

Hello @lpb , I did firstly look at Zapier, but I am looking to update a custom field, and so far i believe Zapier does not give me access to update these. Also, I am quite happy to try and learn a skill with the coding.

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The easiest in your case is to use node (that is basically javascript) and use the command line to run your node script.