How to "open" new task after finish subtask

Hello. Now I’m using free version of ASANA . I looking feature like this:

Generally each task/subtask/sub-subtask have own owner (in my case is a designer, welder, assembly worker, buyer). Generally I looking solution to when completed subtask unlock the “upper” task, so:
When I will complete “SUB-SUBTASK1a” and “SUB-SUBTASK1b” then owner of “SUBTASK1” will received notice that he can work with his task because now he have all nedded information.

This is not really how Asana was designed. This is open for debate but a subtask was initially created as a way to list things the assignee has to do themselves. Then people started assigning subtasks to other and s**t hit the fan pardon my French.

The closest thing to what you describe is the dependencies, but you don’t have access to it with the free account.

If you add the right people as collaborators on subtasks they would be notified as well.

I am inviting @lpb here, I try to be a good sport, he usually doesn’t agree with me on subtasks but I love him anyway :heart:

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Generally If I have to buy premium version od ASANA (10.99 per month) then I will buy this but only when I sure that I can do this.
Now I have lots topic in ASANA but the most of them cannot be done because me or my coworkers didn’t finish subtask. I would like have on the list topic only with I can really can do now.

Welcome, @Mateusz_Łuczak,

You can vote for this feature here:

(So I’ve moved your post to the #forum-en:tips category.)

In order to avoid you having to upgrade, could you consider this? If you can work in a project (not My Tasks) then you can see this if you filter to view incomplete tasks:

Note that you can detect those tasks that are ready to work on at a glace–the ones without the incomplete subtasks indicator, like the second task above.

To achieve that, you’d need to see your level 2 subtasks homed (Added to a project) to a project where the filter is set to Incomplete tasks.

@Bastien_Siebman offered one other approach that is available to you on your free plan:

Otherwise, I recommend a free trial of Premium to see if you like how Dependencies work, or read up on them in How to use Asana, Asana tutorials, onboarding tips, and team use cases | Product guide • Asana Product Guide. As @Bastien_Siebman pointed out, Dependencies are a good option:

This will offer you an hourglass indicator for blocked tasks, even in My Tasks which is more convenient than the above only in another project, which means you can scan My Tasks to see unblocked tasks easily. The downside is it’s extra work to set all the dependencies.

Note that even with Premium, you don’t have much flexibility with Rules. That comes with Business. With Business you have a rule trigger “Task is no longer blocked” which can automate things and allow you to have a My Tasks section like “Ready to Work On.”

You may find extra help with a third-party solution like (@Phil_Seeman), or, but it may require some technical coding (or a custom code solution).

I love you too, @Bastien_Siebman . . .

. . . even after this! :slight_smile:

All I can say is, Asana uses Asana like this regularly, as does anyone–even you!–for anything that reaches a certain level of complexity. Subtasks are the best solution.



We should track down the person who worked on subtasks 15 years ago :rofl: I use subtasks everyday indeed, I know the limitations perfectly :slight_smile:

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