How to Open Card when Created?



Is there a way to open a card immediately after you entered the task title? In Trello you could use a keyboard shortcut CTRL+Enter to go directly from entering the card/task title to editing the description with the full card opened for you. I can’t seem to find a way to do this behavior in Asana on the new Boards view.


@briankb Are you talking about a keyboard shortcut versus the current ability of a single mouse click anywhere in the task to open it up?


Yes a keyboard shortcut, ideally during the card creation process to immediately open the card once you have typed the topic/task area.

Maybe I’m missing something but when I create a new card on a Board view in Asana the process goes:

  1. Click + to start a new card
  2. Type in the Task/Topic
  3. Click Somewhere Else away from new Card
  4. Click the Card I just created to open it to edit the description and/or attach files.


Try a double click after you have entered the Name still within the new card


@James_Carl that worked, thanks! I hope they add the CTRL+Enter shortcut one day too.


Glad you’ve found a solution!