How to move projects on Mobile Asana Android ?

I tried to hold and drag projects to change their order but I am not able. Is there a way to do that ?

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Hi @Dirk_Schiller,

The mobile app doesn’t have all of the functionality that the online space has. I think this is one of the features that’s lacking. However, there are still filters for ‘favorites’, ‘recents’, and ‘all’ at the top that will help you get to the project you are looking for quickly. There is the search option as well. I think if you are looking to move around and do some more organizing in your space it’s better to login on a computer.



Hi @Katie_Reynolds and welcome to the Forum @Dirk_Schiller :wave:

Just jumping in to let you guys know there is an existing thread regarding this topic: Allow to drag-n-drop projects in the left pane on mobile

If you haven’t yet, I would suggest to upvote it! :slight_smile:

Have a great day!