How to manually add subtasks to calendar view

I have seen in many different places that you can manually add them but i can’t for the life of me figure out to physically do it.

please help.

Hello @Brandi_Mahon,

Subtasks are not considered part of the project hence why they do not show up in calendar view unless you add the subtasks to the projects manually.

Here is an open feedback request thread about this topic that I recommend upvoting.



If you want to be able to SEE subtasks in calendar view you can look at the calendar view from the team level, not the project level.



See the first two posts in this thread from @Andrea_Mayer and @Christine_Bolton for good approaches, and one more:

If you’re on a paid plan, you can do Search > Advanced Search > Add filter > More > Subtasks: Any > > and then choose Calendar view and save the search. You can then click on it in your sidebar to see a refreshed version anytime.



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