How to make tasks visible only to team, not organisation?


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The solution would be hidden teams and membership-by-request teams


Our team is already membership-by-request, but others in the organisation can still search for tasks created by me, and see them. I think this is a glitch in the system.

As far as I can tell, the only way around this is to either make our team hidden, or to make all the projects private to one person (which is obviously unsatisfactory for shared projects).


@Marie need your help here :slight_smile:


I think @Marie is still out of town, @Edda might be able to help a little quicker.



Are those tasks that everyone can see “public”? This is indicated at the top of the task panel, as on the following screenshot:

Could you please send us a screenshot of the top of a task panel (that should be private but is not)?

I’ve never encountered that issue, and we also have “Membership by request” teams. Have you checked that the people who see your tasks are really not in the team or in the project the tasks belong to?


Hi guys, closing this thread following I can see tasks created by other membership-by-request groups in my organisation (and they can see mine) :slight_smile: