How to make personal tasks appear in the team calendar?




Is there any way to show own tasks in the team calendar?

I have two team members (they are part of my team only and no other teams) who create own tasks without placing them under any of the team’s projects.
Currently, the only way for me to see what they’re doing is by clicking on their name, which then gives me a list of team members tasks.
Is there any way to see their tasks in the team calendar, apart from parking their tasks under any of the team projects?


Hey @Niko, I’m afraid that these tasks won’t show up in your Team calendar unless your colleagues add them to a project. Would they consider creating a project where they could nest these tasks so you could easily access them via your Team calendar!


Thank you for providing the answer @Marie
I was hoping there was another way. At least now I know the only way to get a comprehensive team calendar is to have all team members put their tasks in a project and not as individual tasks.