How to make a time estimation lower than an hour?

As you can see from the screenshot below I made a column called “estimated hours” which We use to track the workload of our developersin the portfolios. But Some of the task takes less than an hour maybe 30 minutes. but the minimum value I can enter is one hour, how can I fix that?

Hey @Danai_Bastide, welcome to the Asana community forum :wave:

I recommend to check out the custom field set up as most likely no decimels have been set.

Here are screenshots on how to fix this:

Go to “customize” and find the relevant custom field

Edit to add decimels

Decimels will show up in the project

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Thank you for you fast reply @Andrea_Mayer so does 0,02 represent 2 minutes or 20 minutes?


60min = 1
30min = 0.5
15min = 0.25
and so on

Or if you prefer you can also name the field as minutes and then just put in 60, 30, 25, etc

Or you put one column for total hours and one column for minutes (1-60)

thank you for the clarifications.

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sorry for this other question:
If I set it to 1 decimals.

Is 1= 60 min

0.5 = 30 minutes

0.1 = 10 minutes?

Hey @Danai_Bastide,

I mean technically 10/60 = 0,166 so therefore if you round it to one decimal it would go to 0.2 but is not accurate then so I suggest to rather go with 2 decimals to have it more precise

Here you can find a full overview on minutes in decimals: Minutes to Decimal Hours

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