How to make a Report Public?


Good morning, I am new to Asana and have created several reports using the Advanced Search View feature. The reports are only viewable by me? Is there a way to make them public and usable by everyone? Thank you


@Juliann_Full_Access Welcome to the Community.

To make the report available to the other members of your team click on the report you want and then click on the 3 dots next to the report name and then the Copy Search URL as per below;

You can then post this to your team via a conversation and then they should be able to access that Report…

Hope that helps…



This was very helpful thank you.
One additional question-when creating advanced searches and adding modified date I can only select within the last, between or on. Is there a way to identify not modified/commented on by me within the last 2weeks. Thank you


I’d be curious to know if that’s possible and it should be added as a search modifier.