How to make a Google Login work again?


the Asana account of a colleague ca’t login via his Google Login any more.
Question, how to make it work over the Google Login again ?



You might want to contact given that it seems related to your account.


Have you tried refreshing the page?
I already had a such issue, I click on Google Login, and nothing happens, I refresh and click again and it works. Sometimes you also need to click twice I don’t know why.


Thx for reply Julien. Just tried it out but still not logging in. It asks for “which one in a list of google accounts”, but when i select the respective one, it just turns back to the loginscreen.


Have you tried also to enter manually your login and password ?
If it does not work then you should contact the support as @Bastien_Siebman said.


… its logging in fine again :)) no idea any more why.