How to limit the members who can edit team?

I created a group and added members into it, but I don’t know why all members in group can re-edit setting ?





This is a great question, @Quang_Khanh and I understand your frustration on this.

As you mentioned, all Team members have access to edit team settings, whereas organization guests (folks that do not have your email domain) will not be able to edit team settings.

To help mitigate folks changes the settings, we recommend setting conventions with your team about who should set up and maintain team settings along with other processes. You can see recommendations on setting conventions here: Establish team conventions for Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

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I can tell you that many of my clients are doing it like Kaitie described and it works.

If you are still afraid that people will make changes to your team setting I recommend the following:
Invite people ONLY to the projects inside the team BUT NOT to the team itself. They will see everything but cannot change team settings.

Let me know if this works for you



Concerning permissions, I have noticed that you can change a team description even if you’re not a member of that team. I agree you you should not have interest in doing that, but this is strange you’re allowed to.