How to limit access inside a project

Hi! I have a question, is there a possibility in Asana to limit an access inside my project? Can i, for example, set my project so every person inside it sees only her or him taskt and nothing else?
Hope you can help!

@Nikita As long as you don’t add the same people to the Team your projects are under, change your projects to Private from Public and only add Project members that you want to see everything. Once they are Private you will see a paddle lock designating them. Don’t add people to the Private Project that you don’t want to see everything. The one downside is that it most likely will limit the Project and Team Conversations feature but I believe you can add collaborators to specific communications that may be your non-project members that you have assigned tasks within a project. Hope this makes sense.

Thanks James. So i can’t set access for different tasks, only for projects, am i right?

You can limit down to the task level anyone that is not in the Team or Project the task is in. It is based on membership in a Team or project and not making a project public

okay, i got it, thank you very much!

Hi Guys,

Sorry if it is already mentioned earlier and I didn’t get it …
So, If I want certain users to see my project but not be able to alter anything in it or create new tasks, how do I do that?
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I think this is what you are looking for Project permissions | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

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Thanks James for the reply,

Actually I have used the Comments only on a test project and it does what is says.
To be precise though I would like to have an option “View only” without any commenting if possible.
So with that option someone would be able to view tasks would not be able to comment.
Is that possible?


Not that I am aware of.