how to let team-members only see their own sub-task and not the entire task

I have a task with 30 sub-tasks. I want a team member to only see his own 2 sub-tasks and (ideally) to be notified when it’s his turn to do his own 2 sub-tasks.

At the moment it seems the team member involved in the sub-task can see all the 30 sub-tasks, not just his.

How can I do this?

Hi @FabioX and welcome to the Forum! :wave:t5:

As it stands, any team member that is a member of the project, will see all tasks nested in that particular project.

If you want your team to only have access to those subtasks that are being assigned to them I would suggest you to create a private project (where you’ll be the owner and only member) and to only assign your colleagues the subtasks you need them to take actions on. This way they won’t have access to other tasks or subtasks within the project.

I hope this helps Fabio but please let me know if you have any follow-up question!