How to let clients approve some tasks, without seeing comments

I’m using Asana for a MArketing Agency. I would like to share some tasks when done, in order to let my client (guest) approve or disaprove them.
BUT i need them not to see comments and log.
Do you know how can i do?

Hi :wave:
If the client only sees the task name, is that enough? Or do they need to see the attachments, tags, custom fields… as well?

They need to see description tags and attachements also.

So you want the clients to see the task name + description + tags + attachments + edit custom fields value but not see the comments… That’s is a tricky one =)

Maybe the solution is to have the comments about a task elsewhere. Have a look at Professional services firms: how have you set up Asana to balance internal vs external communications with clients?

@Bastien_Siebman Is there a way to have internal conversation and approval as one task and then move an attachment to a new task that is assigned to an external client for approval? I don’t work with external clients so I don’t know if they have access to only their tasks or the projects. If they have access to the whole project you would need any client tasks to not live inside the project. Just a thought.


Exactly. Or you can just add the clients as followers of “their” tasks and they won’t see the project. When in doubt, the best is to create your own guest account and check what the client would see.

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I also find a problem when dealing on one side with the customer and the other with the internal team or vendor.
Need a way to keep conversations separate but regarding the same task.