How to know which webhook an event comes from

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When I create a webhook I receive a webhook ID for the webhook I just created. However, when I get events back from that webhook, the events only have contain the id of that specific event. How do I trace an event back to the webhook that it originated from? Thanks.

When creating a webhook, you specify in the target field your URL that will receive the webhook. That target string can also contain parameters, so you can pass some value of your choosing. You won’t be able to pass the webhook ID since you won’t have that value yet, but you can pass some other unique value that will let you know where the webhook should be attributable to. For example in Flowsana, I pass the Flowsana User ID from my Users table.


Hi Phil, thanks for the reply, how exactly do you pass the parameter into the target field? Is it just as a query parameter? I am passing it in as a query parameter but when I receive the webhook back, I do not get my parameter back.

Nvm, I have gotten it to send, please ignore my last questions

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