How to integrate a non-premium team in an existing Plan

Our company has a premium plan with different teams. Now a new Asana Team has been formed in our company. This team is currently not assigned to any plan. I now would like to integrate this new Team into an existing Plan of our company. How can I do that?

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Welcome to the Forum @Roman_Wunderli and thank you for reaching out!

It sounds like a Division Plan might suits you in this case. A Division Plan allows you to upgrade multiple Teams under the same plan providing either Premium, Business or Enterprise functionalities only on those specific Team members.

To learn what would work best for your Organization I would highly recommend reaching out directly to our Sales Team who will be in a better position to assist you further according to your current plan.

You can contact our Sales Team either by chat, from the corner of this page , or you can write into them following this handy link:

I hope this helps! Sorry for not being able to assist you further via Forum but our Sales Team will be more than happy to help you with this!

Have a great Wednesday!

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